2190+ Mom Life Planner Stickers – Productivity-Boosting & Motherhood-Supportive Creative and Motivational Stickers for Moms, Moms Calendar Icons

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Plan with Personality

Embrace creative planning with Vladi Creative, a small family-run business specializing in crafting unique planner stickers.


Turn everyday planning into an exciting journey!

Say goodbye to boring planner stickers and meet Vladi Creative’s assortment of planner stickers!

Whether you’re giving to a friend as a gift or treating yourself, staying organized has never been so fun with Vladi Creative!

Kick the plans with these awesome stickers. Your life – your rules! Let’s have a closer look!

1497 pack1497 pack

Why are we unique?

Our stickers are not just another product in the market. They are crafted with an understanding of your needs, designed to bring joy and unlock your potential. Experience the freedom to express hidden emotions.

Quality? Undeniably.

Our stickers are made from superior paper with a strong adhesive. They stick effortlessly and securely to your planner.

Why choose us?

We are more than a brand. We are your dedicated partner in daily routines, a confidant in your expressions. Experience the difference with Vladi Creative.


What are our customers saying?

What I appreciate about these stickers is their uniqueness and humor. The stickers have funny captions and sarcastic remarks that add a bit of personality to my planner. They help me to stay organized while also adding a bit of fun to my day. Solinoen

This sticker selection was incredibly impressive for the big amount of stickers included, and the fact they aren’t just all the same designs. There’s a variety of designs for different occasions which help in having colourful and uplifting feedback and reminders and a good way to organise your day. Josh


Enjoy every moment

⭐WHAT’S INCLUDED: This pack contains over 2190 stickers, featuring 0.4″ inch productivity small icons such as self-care, budget, household, kids-care, etc.; as well as motherhood-supportive quotes and reminders.
⭐MOM’S PLANNER BLISS: With such a diverse selection of stickers, you’ll find endless creative possibilities to personalize your planner. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or juggling both, our stickers are designed to complement your unique lifestyle and help you stay organized and motivated.
⭐FINEST QUALITY PAPER: Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our stickers are made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity. The strong adhesive backing allows them to adhere firmly to most smooth surfaces, guaranteeing they stay in place throughout your busy days.

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