Actual Weight Loss: The No Nonsense Weight Loss Plan Without Gimmicks, Diets, Fads, and Restrictions

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Surely you have tried every diet under the sun. You have gained and lost the same 20-30 pounds over the last ten years. You have tried every gimmick, fad, cleanse, fat burner, exercise program, and you still end up gaining the weight back. There’s a reason why you gain it back. And the science and data explains it.

We don’t have a weight loss problem. Most of us have lost plenty of weight. We have a weight regain problem. Studies show that 95% of dieters gain all their weight back, and many end up heavier than they started. But why?

You may have been told you need to do hours of cardio and eat only 500 calories a day to lose weight. But how sustainable is that? The problem is that we are trying to do things that are not sustainable. We try diets that are too restrictive and can’t maintain it. The adherence rates on restrictive diets, whether it’s food group restrictions or time-based restrictions, is abysmal. Most people can only adhere for 3-8 months, then they revert to eating the way they used to. What if, you just ate they way you used to and still lost weight? You can! And the science actually says this is much better.

Learn to lose weight while eating the foods you love, without having to exercise excessively. You can eat what you enjoy, do a few exercises one day per week (or not at all if you want) and still lose all the weight you want.

Dr. Alo isn’t selling some magic macronutrient formula or secret shakes. Just the truth about weight loss. Nearly every single page is a research study! Dr. Alo dives deep into the research, but breaks it down so that every busy mom and dad can understand and implement that strategies.

Actual Weight Loss goes over all the most important studies surrounding diet, exercise, and weight loss and how you can implement simple strategies and finally win at weight loss.

Although you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, Dr. Alo includes his famous exercise routine that he personally uses and prescribes to friends, patients, clients, and family. He doesn’t hold back in Actual Weight Loss. You get everything! Every pivotal study that’s crucial to understanding the current state of science as it pertains to long term, sustainable, and proper weight loss is included in the book with detailed explanations.

As a cardiologist and personal trainer Dr. Alo is uniquely qualified to address the issues of health, wellness, mortality, longevity, and optimizing your health via a very simple formula.

Patients and other physicians have been asking for a book that summarizes all the studies that Dr. Alo presents at medical conferences, but on a simpler level so they can give it to friends, family, and their own patients so that they can learn how simple it is to lose weight and the science behind it!

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