Tips for Turnout (Training Turnout)

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Everyone struggles with turnout at some point whether it is their range, control or holding it during extensions. This Tips for Turnout Guide is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about how to maximise turnout safely, and is the first resource in our Training Turnout Series. It gives you tips on improving your range, developing control of your standing leg and specific ways to increase the height of your développé devant.This program includes:- Information on all the different types of hips to determine your unique hip profile- Special release techniques to help make the most of your natural range- The anatomy of your turnout muscles in an easy to understand way- How to isolate exactly the right muscles for each position of turnout- How to avoid overusing other muscles around the hip which are not designed for turnout- How to train your turnout properly in Standing, Retiré and Tendu- How to Increase the height of your Développé Devant- How to train your deep hip flexors on how they can help you rather than hinder youAs a dancer your turnout is always going to be a work in progress, however this guide is a great start to refine your training and supplement the work you are doing in class.

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