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manufacturer of vibration plate machinemanufacturer of vibration plate machine

We are devoted to making a better vibration plate

Vibration Therapeutic LLC (est. 2017) is a Minnesota based manufacturer that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality home-use vibration plates.

We focus on a narrow product line and excel in our specialty. With years of dedication, we have developed our proprietary design, technical knowhow, manufacturing processes and patents. We master every engineering and manufacturing aspects from overall system to every single part to ensure product quality and performance.

We have established streamlined manufacturing processes with certified overseas OEM factories for parts, components and assembly jobs. We continue to optimize our supply chain for operation excellence.

VT007 vibration plate is a high frequency, low amplitude linear vibration plate. It features adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz and two amplitude settings.

VT007 is developed based on our popular vibration plate VT003F, which has been approved by thousands of active users and practitioners for its favorable movement pattern and effectiveness. VT007 adopts the same movement pattern and parameters as VT003F, and is re-engineered for improved durability, reliability, and performance through structure optimization, simplification and material refinement.

VT007 is probably the best home-use linear vibration plate ever made. It will last for a very long time. The elegant design, simplicity and solidity of VT007 give it a timeless aesthetic appeal.

Visit our website for the product details and our exceptional service terms.

linear vibration platelinear vibration plate

Construction & Useability

VT007 linear vibration plate is most reasonably and logically designed for a machine that vibrates and transmits the movement to human body. Through structure integration and simplification, it comes out as a robust, reliable and durable vibration plate built in a compact and light machine body.

[ Part Count Reduction ]

VT007 is designed with less parts and therefore less assembly jobs. For a vibration machine, less parts mean less collision and friction between the parts when vibrated. The results are improved performance, reliability and greatly reduced mechanical noise.

[ Separated Plug-in Control Box ]

VT007’s control console is not mounted on the machine body. It is a plug-in control box separated from the vibrating unit. Therefore the vibration does not transmit to the control box. The longevity of the circuit and electronic components are extended. Replacing control box is effortlessness. We will ship out a new control box to customers immediately upon request.

[ Improved Usability & Performance ]

VT007 can support heavier body weight. It is lighter and shorter than VT003F, but offers a larger flat exercise platform area.

Its solidity structure and refined materials allow VT007 to achieve better frequency response and higher vibration acceleration (G-force).


Visit our website for the details about VT007’s construction, material, mechanism, tech specifications, noise, EMF, machine jump/drift issue and floor-shake issue.

Vibration Frequency of VT007Vibration Frequency of VT007

Designed to Achieve Resonance

VT007’s frequency range is designed to achieve resonance effect on soft tissues, particularly the skeletal muscles.

When the vibration frequency of the machine matches the natural frequency of body tissues, the vibration is most efficiently transferred from the machine to body tissues, and the body tissues respond with the highest vibration amplitude. This phenomenon is called resonance.

The natural frequency of muscles is in the range between 10Hz and 50Hz. VT007’s frequency range is designed to match the natural frequency range of muscles to achieve resonance effect.

At resonance, vibration induces muscle contraction most effectively. The rapidly repeated muscle contraction creates a dynamic mechanical stimulation on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves, Activating and exercising their functions. The fast-pace muscle contraction also produces skeletal muscle pump effect that enhances circulation.


Visit vibrationcare.com blog site for Skeletal Muscle Resonance & Damping Effects on Vibration Plate.

[ Not a Medical Device ]

We sell VT007 as an exercise equipment. Please consult a medical professional if you intend to use this device to treat a medical condition.

When properly used, VT007 can induce rapidly repeated skeletal muscle contraction, which can enhance the physical exercise effectiveness.

The unique muscle contraction stimulation may be used as a therapeutic intervention for musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and circulatory disorders. The physiological processes behind muscle contraction are beneficial for self-healing and general health improvement.

If used incorrectly, vibration may adversely impact the user.

Scientific studies on vibration therapy is very limited. There is no solid proof in terms of modality and efficacy for any treatment application. The negative effective has not being carefully examined.

Please read our disclaimers, cautions and exceptions in our website. The health benefits suggested or implied in our websites and product literature are not certified or endorsed by any regulatory authority or medical institute.

VT007 Control Box & Remote ControlVT007 Control Box & Remote Control

Features & Functions

VT007 is a versatile vibration plate due to its adjustable frequency and two amplitude setting design. You may find your sweet spot for your specific physical condition. You can adapted to vibration by progressing from lower intensity to higher intensity.

Vibration frequency, amplitude and session time can be adjusted from the control box or the remote control. Three programs are designed to provide various dynamic movement patterns to get a spectrum of vibration stimulation.

[ Manual Control Mode ]

Vibration frequency: adjustable between 15Hz – 40HzVibration amplitude: Low (0.7 – 1.2mm) or High (1.5 – 3.0mm)Session time:1 to 20 minutes (default: 10 minutes)

[ Program Mode ]

Programs are 10-minute running sessions of gradual increase and decrease of frequency, combined with amplitude switch.Three programs are designed for presumed benefits that are not endorsed by scientific study.


PDF user manual is available for download from our website.

VT007 Vibrating Unit and AccessoriesVT007 Vibrating Unit and Accessories

Setup and Caution

* Please read the user manual carefully before you set up VT007 and use it.

[ Floor Shake and Jump/Drift Due to Vibration ]

Floor Shake: VT007 should be used on a solid floor that resists vibration. If used on a wood frame construction floor, the vibration can shake your floor and the connecting structures, detrimental to your house. If necessary, you can use a large EVA exercise mat to absorb some vibration transmitted downward.

Jump / Drift: If there is no body weight on VT007, vibration can cause the machine to jump / drift on the floor. You should always keep your body on the vibration plate when it is running. Carpeted floor can prevent the machine from drifting.

[ Nausea & Dizziness ]

Linear vibration plate can transmit vibration to user’s upper body. Vibration in stomach and head can cause nausea and dizziness.

You can prevent the vibration from transmitting to your upper body by bending your knees or tiptoeing, which are the most effective poses for exercising your lower limb muscles.

Beginners should start with low frequency and low amplitude setting, then gradually increase the frequency and switch to high amplitude after adapting to the vibration. Be patient, persistent and observant. Most users are able to gradually build up their tolerance to vibration.

[ Exercise Guide ]

Some popular physical exercise poses you regularly use for enhancing your core strength and balance work well with VT007, like shallow squat, L-squat, calf-raise, tiptoe, deadlift, plank, push-up, and V-sit. Due to its design, VT007 is more effective for lower body exercise, and less effective for upper body exercise. Other exercise poses may not be suitable on VT007 or may be harmful. Visit a physical therapist for a consultation.


Visit our website for our vibration exercise guide.

Type of Movement
Linear Vibration Linear Vibration Pivotal Oscillation

Vibration Frequency
15Hz – 40Hz 15Hz – 40Hz 5Hz – 14Hz

0.7 – 3 mm 1.2 – 3 mm 10 mm

G-force @ No Load
0.25-3.65 0.51-2.71 2.51

Motor Power
80W 80W 200W

Max User Weight
308 Lb 264 Lb 264 Lb

Machine Weight
23 Lb 25.8 Lb 27.5 Lb

Machine Size
22″x16″x5.7″ 22″x19″x7.1″ 24.8″x15.7″x4.5″

Work Surface
22″x16″ 20.5″x16″ 24.8″x15.7″

Package size
24″x19″x8″ 24″x22″x9″ 28″x18″x6″

L-Squat on VT007 linear vibration plateL-Squat on VT007 linear vibration plate

L-Squat on VT007 Vibration Plate

L-squat on a linear vibration plate is probably the most effective exercise to train the major muscle groups around the hip joints.

The rapidly repeated muscle contraction induced by the vibration engages the muscles around the hip to exercise efficiently and effectively.

More importantly, the unique vibration G-force provides a pulsed high magnitude mechanical stimulation that may effectively promote bone cell generation.

Search the internet about L-squat exercise to learn the benefits, importance and tips.

[ Research Incentive Program ]

We offer a cash reward research incentive program for the study of the effectiveness of using vibration plate to treat osteoporosis. Visit our website for the program details.

[ About Product Return ]

We offer 90 day free return policy, for any reason or no reason. We pay for return shipping. We encourage you to try our vibration plates ONLY after you conducting careful research. Please visit our website to learn the situations that you should not use a vibration plate or consult a health care professional. Let’s try to reduce the return rate, save us the expensive return costs and save the earth.

Please keep the machine and packaging in good condition for potential return. Thank you so much!

[Industrial Style, Rugged Construction] VT007 is designed in a modern industrial style for simplification and serviceability. Its solid and strong components remain in their original manufactured forms, without cover-up or unnecessary decoration. The core vibration drive is securely enclosed for guaranteed safety. While the construction is exposed, there is no compromise on finishing and craftsmanship. VT007 is a robust, reliable and durable machine in its timeless aesthetic appearance.
[Designed to Achieve Resonance] VT007’s vibration frequency range (15-40Hz) is designed to achieve resonance effect on soft tissues, enabling efficient energy transfer. VT007 effectively induces muscle contraction, which stimulates the connecting tissues including tendons, ligaments, nerves and bones. VT007 activates and exercises our musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular system, enhancing their functionality. The muscle activities also promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
[Versatile Applications] With adjustable frequency and two amplitude settings, VT007 suits for a wide range of users, from athletes and to senior. 3 built-in programs provide a spectrum of frequency and amplitude change in one session. New users can adapt to high frequency vibration by progressing intensity from low to high gradually. VT007 is user-friendly, light weight, compact size but provides a large and flat exercise area. Visit our website for user reported health benefits.
[10 Year Warranty – 90 Day Free Return] There will not be any our-of-pocket expense for customer for any warranty service. Please keep the machine and packaging in good condition in case you need to return for any reason. Replacement parts available free of charge for 15 years. Exceptional customer service and lifetime support from a professional team that are passionate about vibration therapy and care about customers.

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